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The Big

As extensive as the DeLaval global product assortment is, there are still aspects of dairying that they don’t or can’t offer.  
That’s why we have partnered with a select group of partners and suppliers to offer the things that you need to make your dairy farm work at its best.  A great example is in the area of dairy effluent. We have partnered with AgFirst Engineering for specialist water reticulation and dairy effluent systems design, supply, build and servicing.

Because the 

milk never stops

We have a great team here who will drop you whatever you need, whenever you need it; who will service your gear like it was their own, and who will have a smile while they do it.  

And because we’re part of DeLaval, we can jump on the phone to experts in NZ or anywhere in the world to get answers to any question or issue you might have.  It’s one of the great things about global support with local ownership – whatever you are facing – with so many farms around the world – you can be pretty sure your issue has already been faced and solved somewhere – which means the time it takes to answer your issue – is way less. Which means 
you stay milking.

Because the milk never stops


You don’t get up in the dark with the wind whistling off the mountain and the rain coming in sideways to stand around watching the cows stand around. 

You need our stuff to work, and you need it to work perfectly every milking so that you get the full benefit of your hard work.

That’s our job.

It really is that simple. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that your gear is clean and ready to go every time the cups go on, that your vacuum and pulsation is right, your liners are the right ones for your cows, your system is spinning (unless it’s not supposed to) and the cows leave the dairy with clean, healthy teats.  

All this means your milk quality is always high and your tanks are always full of perfectly chilled milk. 

Simple. We call it a performance partnership, and it's what sets us apart.

Your Performance Partners

Coastal Agri 

Based in Opunake, we are proud to support the Taranaki region along with our friends at Better Dairy Solutions in the south. Together, we cover the entire Taranaki region, installing, servicing
and maintain the range of systems that
produce more milk globally than
any other. 


Get your free 
Performance Audit

Regardless of who built your system or how old it is, using the exclusive DeLaval VPR200 we can check the performance of any manufacturer’s milking machinery – and make any adjustments to ensure your cleaning routine is performing, that your vacuum settings and routines are optimised, and that your system is delivering you the results you demand.

And did we mention it’s free?

We will come out to your place and do a full performance check – no charge and no pressure – we will provide a full review and explain where we think performance could be improved – not in a smart-arse way – in a genuine and helpful way, because that’s what performance partners do.

Call us or click here to make contact

We’re a 

Today Coastal Agri is owned by Stacey and me, but we are always conscious that we are building on the company that my dad started back in the 70’s. 
I grew up around this place, its always been part of my family – and I’m proud to keep that going.

We're a family business
With global backing


The fact that DeLaval is family owned makes a real difference to the way they view partnerships, research and the need to stand behind their products. It really does make a difference.

As an interesting side-note – DeLaval has been active in NZ for more than 100 years, and in fact the first commercially successful automatic milking machine was launched by DeLaval in the USA having been invented 180kms down the road by a kiwi – Norman Daysh.  

Talk to us

To us

Whatever you need, at Coastal Agri we’ve got it.  

System Installation 
and servicing

Rotary Milking 

Parlour Milking 

Robotic Milking 

Teat Spray 


Barn and cover 

Milking Liners 
and clusters

and chemicals

and tubes

Cup Removers


Farm Management 




Milk transport 
and Storage

Seriously – DeLaval make all this stuff themselves, and whilst we might not personally be the experts in all of it – but we know the people who are and we will get them down to talk you through anything

Meet your team

Meet your 

This is our team, and if you  work with us  –  your team. 

As well as  all of them, we are proud to have access to technical and advisory expertise from DeLaval in New Zealand and all over the world.

Coastal Agri Services have been a huge part of our business for many years. 

They're a very reliable, friendly, enthusiastic and talented group who have become part of our family. 

The commitment from them towards our business with keeping our machines running smoothly, weekly visits to ensure we have enough replacement stock, friendly and knowledgeable front desk staff, timely quotes with a good consultation for our needs and kept up to date with new technology and products makes running a business alot smoother. 

We highly recommend using Coastal Agri Services. 


Other suppliers

AgFirst Engineering 
Davieth Verheij

For years now we have worked in partnership with Davieth Verheij and his team at AgFirst Engineering.  His name is hard to work with, but he isn’t – top guy – top team. Davieth started on the tools which we think is why, as well as all the design and engineering skills,  he is able to offer practical common sense solutions.

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make contact

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